Covenants & Dues

The original developers of Lafayette Place Addition created a legal document which established rules and restrictions for homeowners in Lafayette Place Addition. This document is called the Restrictive Covenants. It is recorded with the Allen County Recorder’s Office and is legally enforceable.

The Lafayette Place Improvement Association (LPIA), and its Board of Directors, was established in the Restrictive Covenants for the purpose of “maintaining and caring for the general interests of said Addition, and in particular caring for and maintaining the parks, park ways, play grounds …” If you live here, you are automatically a member of the Lafayette Place Improvement Association. Lafayette Place is very unique in that membership in the Lafayette Place Improvement Association is legally tied to the deed of the property.

The Restrictive Covenants also established an annual charge to each homeowner to fund the maintenance described above. This charge is your Association Dues, which are a very minimal $25.00 a year. Association dues are mandatory and do not move with the person as they are bound to the property through the deed.  Dues are paid by the current owner of a property upon receipt of a Dues Statement in January.

It is the responsibility of the Board of Directors to collect the Association Dues. The Restrictive Covenants allow the Board to place liens against a home, and collect any attorney fees involved, as a means of collecting unpaid Dues.

The LPIA Board of Directors works hard to perform the duties set forth in the Restrictive Covenants by: maintaining the Esplanade and Gazebo, the marker at Marquette and Calhoun, and the park; informing residents of community and government events and issues; and promoting the upkeep of individual properties to keep the entire neighborhood a beautiful and desirable place to live.

Activities such as Dirt Day,  A Night of Music at the Gazebo, Special Halloween Trick or Treat, and other events, and publishing an Association Newsletter are additional duties and work taken on by the Board of Directors based on suggestions and votes by residents at Annual Association meetings.

Some important Restrictive Covenants include:

  • No outbuildings (such as sheds, etc.) can be erected on  a property if  there is a  garage on that property.
  • No fence can be constructed nearer to the front property line than the house itself.
  • Any fence erected on a property cannot be more than 72 inches in height (6 ft) and must adhere to all City permit requirements, lot lines & restrictions of record, and must be aesthetically compatible with the subject lot as  well as surrounding lots.
  • As of April 21, 2006, no property in Lafayette Place Addition may be used for any purpose other than owner occupancy. Properties which are not owner occupied (rentals) as of April 21, 2006 shall be permitted to remain in their current use (rentals) so long as they are owned by the current owner. Properties which are owner occupied as of April 21, 2006, may be rented by the current owner, but not by subsequent owners.

The entire Restrictive Covenants for Lafayette Place can be found on the City’s website at: Click on “Neighborhoods”  in the top bar – then on “Resources: a drop down menu will appear and choose “Neighborhood Covenants .” Type in Lafayette Place.

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