Fun facts

  • Listed, by Fort Wayne Monthly magazine among top 10 neighborhoods to live in.
  • Clark Gable & Carol Lombard are rumored to have spent one “honeymoon” night in a house on the SW corner of Maple Grove and Calumet
  • Average sales price of a home in Lafayette Place in 1926 was $8,387 (about $101,182 in today’s value)
  • From the Lafayette Place Newsletter, dated Dec. 20, 1926: At the Annual Meeting on Jan 4, 1926, “the ladies of the church will serve the dinner in country style: price 75 cents.”
  • From March 31, 1926 Newsletter:  “The senior class of the Fort Wayne Art School will endeavor to portray Lafayette Place from its beginning by painting a series of 20 pictures which will be on display in one of Wolf & Dessaur’s prominent show windows.”
  • In 1936 street cars ran frequently on Calhoun street to take folks to downtown stores for 7 cents (about $1.10 in today’s value)
  • From April 21, 1926 Newsletter: “A request has gone to the Post Office Department to establish city delivery in Lafayette Place. This request has been forwarded to Washington.”
  • From June 16, 1926 Newsletter: “ The City will take over Lafayette Place playgrounds immediately. The Park Board received an offer of the tract from the Lafayette Place Association.”
  • In 1926, the admission to the Better Homes Week, home show, was 25 cents (about $3 in today’s value).
  • From April 6, 1926 Newsletter : “Lot 321 has been sold to Jack Beams …Mr. Beams saw the model of this home at the Detroit Building Show.”
  • From Jan 21, 1975 Newsletter: “Over 1,000 hot dogs were consumed at the Annual Picnic in May. We held the price to 10 cents.”
  • In 1926 there was a “Honeymoon Circle” for newly married couples who had moved into Lafayette Place.


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